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Portland, OR
United States of America

DefItems is the webspace of Ben Digman, an eLearning Designer based in Portland, OR, USA. This is a personal sandbox of sorts and all ideas, opinions, and general noisy-ness within are not reflective of anyone or thing beyond the author. 


I'm Ben...


...and this is my little space on the web. I work with cool people on cool projects, mostly around making people smarter through media and design. More about my professional life can be found here.

I'm an ex-military brat who found a home in Portland, OR, USA and can't imagine living anywhere else. It's an amazing place full of so many wonderful & strange things...

I talk about all sorts of things including design, media, film, art, travel, technology, music, soccer and anything else that finds it's way into my line of sight. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to drop me a message anytime.